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Contour Series


Get to know our Most in Demand Contour Series

  • 1. Designed ergonomically to protect the face and eliminate undue stress and discomfort
  • 2. Innovatively designed to provide pressure relief on sensitive bosom area
  • 3. Anatomically designed to reduce cramping and discomfort on stomach muscles
  • 4. Purposely slanted to conform to natural relaxed foot position eliminating foot fatigue
  • 5.Purposely slanted to conform to natural relaxed arms and shoulders position eliminating neck-shoulders-arms fatigue
  • 6.Scientifically engineered to support body weights of upto 1000 lbs (~450 kg)

Contour Series
Feminine Massage Beds

Bringing to you, the newest craze in massage beds for women! Possibly the most relaxing massage bed in the world. Unique in its design, and setting a new standard for all massage beds, it is the only massage bed in the world specifically designed for the woman.
When in use, it dynamically contours and conforms to the natural shape of the female body, creating for you a feeling of relaxation of floating on clouds, or like a baby cradled in the palm of a mother's hands.


  • 7 hinges - "Ultra strong for safety"
  • Side panels - "Easy, quick, hassle free assembly, side panels slide into place
    for a solid stance. No sway, no creaking during massage"
  • Heavy duty frame construction


  • Elegant design to fit and accentuate your home
  • Premium quality felt-covered interior surfaces
  • Has passed tests by Bureau Veritas, the intl. product certification agency
  • Customizable colors (option)

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