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>Established in 2008 to meet the needs of customers for health and well-being. Kingcor embarked on 2 different lines of products. Spa & Massage equipment and products branded as "Le Masseuse" and food products branded as "Zupper Haus"

June 20, 2016 "Kingcor" successfully launched its official web portal. Now our customers can always remain informed and updated about latest productions and developments in our company by simply checking our web portal.


Kingcor Manufacturing Corporation, a corporation registered with the SEC in 2008, is a company with diverse products to offer.

We are a company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of massage beds. Renowned for its strength and reliability, as well as its unique and attractive design, our products carry the brand name “Le Masseuse”.

Venturing out further in its core products diversity, Kingcor Mfg is now into the assembly of pick up bed liner extenders.

The Masseuse-recommended Massage Bed


To be a dominant supplier of quality products (massage beds and premium German sausages) which will promote health and wellness in the community we serve.

OUR Mission

To manufacture massage beds that are structurally engineered, innovative in design and customized to clients’ needs in order to leave a legacy of quality and pride in Filipino hand crafted products.

To manufacture healthy and premium food products which conform to the standards set by government agencies in the Philippines.

To inculcate core values of loyalty, integrity, diligence, hard work and dedication in our employees resulting in the manufacture of products renowned for their quality and excellence in taste, reliability, dependability and functionality.

To be an active partner in the community.


The Le Masseuse superior qualities
A game changer in International and Export markets

* A new concept in massage bed design that has become a must for every woman. Contoured for the female body. It has been purposefully designed and engineered to make our product the indespensable massage bed for use by every woman.

* Le Masseuse design philosophy provides the utmost convenience and comfort to the client, and even his / her masseuse. Our experience in building massage beds has proven that a great massage is only achieved when the right massage conditions are provided for both client and masseuse.

* Only Le Masseuse beds are engineered with unique Fixed-Height Design. The Fixed-Height Design is the design preferred by Filipina masseuses over all others for its correct height, and because it produces the well loved Le Masseuse trademark of rock-solid stability and sway-free performance in any massage condition.

* Only Le Masseuse beds assemble in 15 seconds! In 3 easy steps! No complicated, confusing procedures! Assembly for a massage session is the simplest, the safest, and the surest when you own a Le Masseuse!

* Only Le Masseuse has passed tests by Bureau Veritas, the international product certification agency for load capacity of an incredible 1,000 lbs! 3 times superior to and safer than all other massage beds! The Le Masseuse load capacity is not equalled by any other fold-away design. This trademark load capacity of every Le Masseuse bed is important because it gives the greatest margin of safety, and also means Le Masseuse beds are built to last.

Function & Design

The Le Masseuse patented design and concept is a fusion of structural engineering and the creative genius of artists, producing a work of art in both function and design.
A Le Masseuse bed has become a dependable, elegant component in every home. Every aspect has been considered in the overall functionality and design aesthetic of each Le Masseuse massage bed available today.

Design Philosophy

Le Masseuse design philosophy requires that both client and masseuse are comfortable, and are given the correct massage environment. This philosophy is molded into every Le Masseuse design.

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